The Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting Ban
Protecting Michigan's Traditional Values

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this amazing campaign! Check back for election victory stories and thank you to all our supporters.

On November 7, 2006, Michigan voters overwhelmingly rejected the shooting of mourning doves. More Michigan citizens voted No on Proposal 3 than voted for any candidate for statewide elective office, or voted for or against any other contested ballot proposal.  A No vote on Proposal 3 prevailed in all 83 Michigan counties!

 Review the election results here: votes by county, votes by percentage.

About The Committee to Keep Doves Protected:
The Committee to Keep Doves Protected is a grassroots coalition of Michigan residents, including avid hunters, biologists, bird hobbyists, children, ecologists, environmentalists, farmers, legislators, ornithologists, professors, and wildlife rehabilitators, as well as state and national agricultural, conservation, faith-based, and humane organizations.

Our Mission:
The Committee to Keep Doves Protected has one goal: to restore Michigan’s ban on shooting mourning doves. The Committee simply wants to continue Michigan’s 100 year tradition of protecting the mourning dove, Michigan's official bird of peace—nothing more, nothing less. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DOVES!

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